transportation in Ho Chi Minh

Given trouble and such fee, the safety of the accident, it would be most safe to ride to choose a taxi company reliable.


Each company charges may differ somewhat, 10,000 dong back and forth roughly basic fare.
Trouble many cooks you offs, or a driver to purchase a circuitous way on purpose. The following taxi companies reliable trouble is relatively small.
Taxi driver many cases able to communicate in English.

- Vina San taxi (Vinasun Taxi)
Tel: 38272727
My phosphorus taxi (Mai Linh Taxi)
Tel: 38383838

the most popular in the city, Vinasan taxi

bike taxi

It is call out in awkward English and are walking down the street.
If cheaper than the taxi often. Better after I decided in advance before getting the price destination and less trouble.
You had better to clarify the destination or pass the business card of the address described show them map in advance is a good possibility that able to communicate in English is low.
Fee 10,000 dong "1". Customary to negotiate in the tens of thousands and 50,000 dong "5". The price depends on distance. It is also possible to beat the price of present value of the driver.
Trouble because not a few with the driver or purchased it like to introduce the customs of illegal, should I avoid as much as possible use is safe.
Risk of an accident is high of course because it is a city traffic often.

rental bike

often see signs of "Bike for Rent" in the back packer area Buenbin street, such as Dedhm street.
There are cases where the shop completely unrelated and travel agencies are also operating in the sideline.
The price of 5USD ~ degree the 1st unlimited ride (gasoline fee extra).
It is recommended for people who want to act at will of his relying on the map, but the traffic in the city tremendously, traffic rules and Japan also different because the (right-hand traffic), risk of an accident is high.

Bike vast number of overflows in the city road.
Operation of the bike course, you want to be careful when crossing the road on foot and manners rules because different.