Street Class B gourmet heaven

If you wear Vietnam, regardless of the money is not there, you want to enjoy the taste of food stalls and sitting on a small chair of plastic food stalls on the street once.
Street Food is not the only delicious just cheap.
Would associate the name of Showa Japan after the war and anyone who said the age to some extent.
It's a place where you can feel the real such a nostalgic atmosphere.

It's Ho Chi Minh City urbanising, but it may come across in space, such as a time slip When you enter a step back alley.
25 000 Don: about 10,000 dong, such as noodles and mainstream coffee price.
I can eat at around 100 yen in Japanese yen.

Coffee, of course, local people eat for the (near Vietnam) from early in the morning.
There is also such as sandwich of French bread that Bainmi if hard noodles in the morning, kind of rich food stalls.
Likely to be able to communicate in English is also low, so to see sneak those of people who are eating already, xi especially such as the type and beef (pork, noodles declare your intention to "I want to eat the same thing" to refer to finger if delicious If you want to choose, it is preferable to specify the ingredients before making the better).

variety of Street restaurant

The classic "Bainmi". Sandwich of French bread. (Price is higher closer to downtown) that the price also not many 100 yen.
You get to make it select the ingredients in the showcase paste and smoked ham, of the lever of the pig, scrambled eggs, and cheese mainly.
So put herbs or (fish sauce) Nukkumamu ish western, it looks to be a unique taste that is ethnic. Hate of course people are liking.

This stalls dealing with (. Similar to rice noodles. Four) statements and com (rice side dish put).
Story very early the same thing if you want people who are eating already is home. I lead almost English that is not penetrated: Why "(same same) Seimuseimu". And why is repeated twice Same.

Stalls opened in the limited time at the store before it was closed, such as early morning or night often.

how to eat pho (at the street)

Day or night, even in the morning, Vietnam classic hood which does not choose the time and place, for.
Choices such as the type of noodles and ingredients are different.
Menu enough to be that there is no taste of the same soup in each store, can feel the feelings of the owner.
Finding for the best walk eat and be fun.

①wipe clean chopsticks, a spoon with a paper that is in the table. (Although you put in there if there is a garbage can) to throw away on the ground Omomuroni to the paper.

②Add to tear herbs, such as mint, so come out with garnish.
③(Discard the ground pomace) are placed and squeeze the lime .
④ eat bite.

⑤Season with spice if you say "Do something different" to be "Do not enough" to eat a bite. Full-bodied and out, and you can become spicy.

⑥ Eat when you're adjusting the taste.
⑦ Senior and eat while occasionally biting green pepper next to lime.