privacy policy

The In (and referred to as the following TT) SOSEN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, is fully aware of the social mission for the protection of personal information of all handled in business, protection of the rights of the data subject, this Agreement, the law relating to personal information We'll say that to address the company-wide continuous improvement of personal information protection system in order to implement the policy is to comply with regulations, are shown below.

■ personal information you provide from our

If you have subscribed reserved proxy request from the customer, the transaction of the applicant, and other such gifts, support delivery of goods, provision of services, price settlement, to inquiries from customers, our company, to our customers from our after-sales service inquiry, related, for the required work, have you provided by the person in question, for sensitive information, such as your name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number · email address when other trading performance.

■ for the management of personal information

Our company has implemented a strict data management and make sure that they do not loss, damage to, personal information you provide to us from our Terms and Conditions of Use of this web site. In addition, the personal information of everyone is carrying out strict security measures and make sure that they do not this Web site management responsible for our only store it in an accessible environment, is modified from the outside or from leaking to the third party . Our company, if you want to outsource to external operations applied to the use and management of personal information of our business or according to the operation of this web site, you will supervise and manage strictly for the handling of personal information by the contractor.

■ log of web site for (Log)

This site, in order to provide continuously useful easy-to-use information services to everyone, the access of everyone by aggregating statistical data, such as a page between migration trends and changes in the visit amount of people that are looking at the web site I try to understand the trend.

■ For the purpose of use of personal information

For the purpose of using the personal information of everyone, will be used only for the purpose of each page that you register your personal information to the customers on this website. Not be used for purposes other than those described in the page, the personal information you register with us each page.

■ About the secondary use and provide to third parties

Type of service that is the demand of all of you in on the website (such as document request), you may want to notify the third party the personal information of everyone in the required range. In addition to the case of the above, as long as you .. not the consent of the person in question in advance, we do not disclose personal information to any third party of all of you.

■ About the responsibility of everyone

Website, sets a link to other websites, but please see for yourself at the link destination site for the handling of personal information in the linked site. Your use of the website, and it shall be carried out under the responsibility of all of you. For any damage caused by the usage of any information from the web site of the other link is set on this website and this website, was acquired using your personal information, we are not responsible for any . You may want to revise the above policy for our company. All revisions will be announced on this page.