climate in Ho chi Minh

45 minutes 10 degrees north latitude, located in the southeast part of Vietnam 40 minutes east longitude 106 degrees, in the tropical climate, some 75 percent average humidity Ho Chi Minh City. Is divided into two seasons a year. Average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, can be up to 39 degrees Celsius at noon in late April is the maximum temperature, there is also less than 16 degrees Celsius in the early morning in late December the minimum temperature, but the average temperature throughout the year because it is 31 degrees from 24 degrees, it is a city of summer all year round.

dry season 11~4

No rain mostly, it is easy to spend.
It is also when you feel cool in the morning and evening.
The average maximum temperature is 30 ℃ ~ 34 ℃, the average minimum temperature is 21 ℃ ~ 24 ℃

rainy season

The season when heavy rain squall like on a daily basis is falling, but there is little that it had rained all day all the time.
I feel hot and humid.
The average maximum temperature is 31 ℃ ~ 33 ℃, the average minimum temperature is 22 ℃ ~ 25 ℃


It's all right in summer clothes throughout the year, but may get a bit cold morning and evening dry season.
Because there is the case of cold air conditioning works too much in a vehicle such as a coach, it be nice if there one thin coat.