enjoy beer in Vietnam

Beer best way to reset the day was Awatadashika~tsu.
When I went to Okinawa, Orion beer to feel delicious to not drink everyday,
If it is still Vietnam beer of the most delicious local (?)

First, the price is cheap. You can buy a can 9000-15000 Don in about (tens of yen) if you buy at the store.
I drink full of 20000-40000 Don about restaurants, and a bar.

Vietnamese people love beer. I mean, do not drink beer almost non for alcohol.
Like Japan, there is no repertoire. (Such as whiskey and wine is expensive or the same level as Japan) alcoholic beverages imported or because unusually expensive.
Indispensable to the life of the people therefore, the price is cheap, yet might be a situation can taste what quality is high.
Vietnam is a beer consuming countries leading.

Women do not drink too basic. It does not mean not drink, do not drink. Tashinamuteido at parties.
Men drink. I drink anyway.
In the case of a local restaurant, to open the new bottle person in charge came at the moment when I finished drinking (though unsolicited).
Amount to drink inevitably increase.
And people over here, so drink to put a big-ass ice in a glass, watery rather, it accumulates in the belly.

Vietnamese do not Yopparawa never.
It may be because drinking watery beer with ice, but the Vietnamese do not want to remove the siding in any way, and is not to be staggering.
Not much spectacle, such as look good in the home of the last train of Japan in this country. Should not be desperate even if it becomes the cheerful. It is also a manner, it is also a strength of the core.

will introduce the beer recommended some.


swallowed up most around me, and beer I also drink the most.
In fact, it is this Vietnam manufacturing, but the production of a company called Asia Pacific Buryuwarizu in the combined company by Fraser and Neave's and Singapore's Heineken. It is hard to say that the pure domestic, but there is also a history, it is rooted in people's lives.
There is no habit, because it is clean aftertaste, most be no resistance for foreigners, including the Japanese.


It may be said that as the name suggests, a staple of southern Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh City, what this.
Alcohol content so low, you may feel quite watery when I put the ice in Vietnam style.
Faintly rustic grain flavor will remain in the taste and clean.
You might look good to taste a local than indoor urban air-conditioned, feel the wind.


You through speaking Biababa, Barber, such as bar Barber.
In Vietnamese 3 is the "bar".
It is a feeling in the manufacture of the same company SAIGON, system is similar, but that wonder if there is a habit and a little bitterness.
I think taste and crisp suit and also Japanese.
This place is a classic, but I see moderately local shops.

You also common imported beers such as Sapporo other, Heineken, a thing of Japan, but it is flavor of the luxury brand in the slightly high. Although not penetrate generally still.

Type of beer is so rich Vietnam, it's compare drink a variety of beer might also enjoy the night in Ho Chi Minh one.