about Vietnamise

Pronunciation Mutsukashii first words of Vietnam.
Sound of each word is short basically, to distinguish meaningful only difference of accent. Because there is only six types of accent, but also that the other is or was gibberish here even going to say properly.
High hurdle fairly gender, and age also comes into play because further.

Reaction of local people is different when Vietnamese speak even a little as a communication however.
Possibility of or cheated or ripped off of that also might be reduced even I some.
Partner better to say the only words minimum without unreasonable hear might be easier at first.


Good morning
Shinchao = Good evening (Common)

= Tanbietto goodbye
Also, = Hengappurai See you

= Come on Thank you
I'm sorry = Shinroi (sorry)
I do not know = Toikonhieu

Ya = Yes
= No Hong

Japanese = Nyabban
My name is xxx = Toitenra xxx

at restaurant

Menu = To~ukkudon
Water = Nu~okku
Beer = via
Ice = da
Rice = com
Pan = Bainmi

Pig = Heo
Cattle Bo =
Chicken = gar

Ashtray = Gattan
Writer = Battorua
WC = Nyavu~eshin
Contact Tian Tian accounting =
Receipt = Hoadon

Delicious = Gonkua
Money = Thien
High = Makkukua (the price)
Large = Luong
Small = Nyo


1 = Mossel
2 = high
3 = bar
4 = Bonn
5 = Nam
6 = Sau
7 = by
8 = term
9 = Chin
10 = Mu~oi