not the custom of tipping Vietnam basically.
However, in urban areas with many foreigners, such as the Ho Chi Minh City in particular, are being habit.
- 5-10% of the fee if a fine restaurant
Massage 50,000-Don
• The 10000-20000 Don Porter of the hotel
Tour guide for a long time 50000-100000 Don

The above guide only. Cafes and restaurants, and taxi general not required for basic.


To eat spoon and without the mouth directly into the bowl the soups. The noodles do not eat to make a noise (not sipped). The degree. Will never be careful especially if Japanese.
Places that are not separate areas for smokers and non-smokers at the restaurants, so a little tobacco, it might seem a paradise compared to Kataminosemai Japan for smokers. However, women in Vietnam, so that does not smoke too much, (although I think that there is no particular problem because it look good smoking figure of female travelers and Europe) that impression might be not so good of women smoking.