Access to the city from Tan Son Nhat International Airport

About 8km to the city center from Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
(Check such as the location of the meeting in advance) safety best to ask them to pick-up or use a taxi to move, if there is a reservation of hotels and tour participation.


There is a taxi stand to the left and out of the arrivals hall. Damage of rip-offs there are many taxis, taxi companies has issued a "taxi coupon" at the airport, and safe to pay a fee in advance, because the destination becomes clear. However or where there is also likely to be more expensive than the normal meter, such as the safety fee.

There is more than one taxi company in Ho Chi Minh City, but I recommend the following companies in two large measure, because it is the most trusted.

- Vina San taxi (Vinasun Taxi)
Tel: 38272727
My phosphorus taxi (Mai Linh Taxi)
Tel: 38383838

In addition, there is no need to leave a tip in taxi basically.

Vina San taxi.
The red line below the body of the mark on a white background.

My phosphorus taxi.
(In some cases two-tone green and white) features the body of Green.

Body of a two-tone color of Mai Lin taxi.