voltage in Vietnam

Most 220V voltage. Frequency is 50Hz.
In order to use the 100V appliances in Japan, require transformer. If hotels intermediate or more, also possible to rent a transformer.
Because even in electronic products in Japan, can be used without a transformer thing with the adapter of 100V ~ 240V compatible, if (like iphone), let us check in advance and instructions of appliances you plan to use.


Complex type of C-type and A-type is often plug, power plug made ​​in Japan Sashikomeru conversion plug as it is without the case.
I want to note because of the different voltage in the case of products without adapter, especially since you might become damaged at the moment when I plugged.


Wifi have been widely used to Vietnam, cafe airport or hotel, above a certain level, the environment that can be used by the net almost at the restaurant.
It will tell an ID and a password, etc. Once inside the store.
However line speed slower than in Japan, so in some cases radio waves do not reach most of the room, even if it claim to have wifi in a hotel, it is better to check in advance to say that people who want to use heavy.