souvenir what local rooted in life and, super cheap, or shop.

What you do not want to use too much in real life is often called the souvenirs sold in tourist attractions.
It also often Nantes do not know well what if you buy after all for it.

Therefore, and can be purchased at shops such as supermarkets and Vietnam, we will introduce something unique that can be accepted by the Japanese.

①instant pho with japanese company

Nisshin and (merger company called Bina Acecook strictly) Acecook are deployed in Vietnam, I have issued a large number of Vietnam original products that do not buy in Japan.
Because it is the manufacturer that everyone knows, you please thing to mouth in peace. Soup palatable as compared to local manufacturers in fact, and the quality of the noodles also different.
Feeling that the Japanese company indeed.
By the way, that of the 60% ​​share of Vietnam instant noodles, Acecook is most popular in Vietnam.

Shelves of the supermarket. In copious amounts, types of well over upstream Japan. The price is around 20 yen to 35 yen one.

By the way, there is a Co-op Mart near the War Remnants Museum if tourist area is super.

This one is of Sino-Japanese ramen, but is one order Delivery geeky little. The price is also increased compared to the other 70 yen or more, but be rare one article.

This one is for the chicken of Bina Acecook. About 35 yen.
Is recommended.
Because there are many kinds of instant noodles than can be introduced anyway, it is interesting just to see.

② Vietnamise coffee Nessule

Click here for the product which will be accepted as normal, if Japan is a major Nescafe. Taste's strong taste straight bitter, but delicious normally without a strange habit. It might be pleased with rare and little coffee flavor with emphasis on Japan because of the different also.

This is about 260 yen in 15 packs of powder pack.
Black with sugar.
I can make Vietnamese iced coffee by simply dissolved in water.
There is also a type, such as milk.


Not ever get them confused stocks when I know smokers. It is "you!" The same as the one that is always sucking, if it is written in Vietnamese. Are enjoyed by all means, because it was something that would buy anyway. You might say "taste capital of Japan ~ I subtly different little" or, there is no change to what you are willing.
I have to type is not less abundant.
In addition, 50 yen to 1 box, cheap and abnormally ¥ 70 ~ if brand overseas if domestic tobacco in Vietnam.
Can be purchased at the appropriate shop without going supermarkets course.

Mild and Marlboro about 130 yen in the high category.
Winston is about 75 yen.
The price (wont list price) that some differences may appear by store.

Rare element also name it is not has been changed to Mobius is Mild Seven.