money and exchange in Vietnam

There are few coins now Vietnam, only bill of 1000 - Don is in circulation.
(Unit) becomes (example) and 103,000 dong be of 500 yen in Japanese yen since 1000 the lowest price basically, it is difficult to translated at the head.
I use the calculator apps and smartphone. It seems everyone devised such as "kana feel in the two and half I almost 0, obtained by adding a little". (As of November 2013)
Credit cards are distributed relatively at the store that target tourists and gift shops and luxury shops, but have not become popular yet in the local.

bill of Vietnamese colorful. portrait all of "Ho Chi Minh".

type of bill

unit is denoted Dong (Don), and VND.
There is a bill 1000,2000,5000,1 of thousands 20 000, 50 000, 100 000, 200 000, 500,000.

If you have a dining and (2-50000 Don about, for example) small, such as stalls, since there often (complain) or you pay 50 million VND, Otsuri is in trouble without it, small bill also possess as much as possible convenient to put.


exchange offices of several banks are aligned to
Tan Son Nhat International Airport arrivals hall, it is possible to exchange money while compared the rate of each.
It is possible to exchange Vietnamese Dong Japanese yen, you do not need to prepare in Japan dare.
Can exchange bank, currency exchange, travel agency in the city.
Because ATM have increased recently, also possible if you have a foreign ATM card available, and caching from the account of Japan. However, since there is a possibility of trouble of ATM, better to use during business hours of the bank as much as possible is good.