Ho Chi Minh city full of gentleness and power

Ho Chi Minh City is the heart of the commercial very significant development in Vietnam.
Blood bike analogy to the blood vessel on the road.
It is filled with bikes incredible the road at all times, feel the energy of development.
Want to care regardless of the presence or absence of a signal (driver to ignore. Signal drive on the right-hand side of the reverse and Japan often) when you cross the road.

Ho Chi Minh city with a face like a kaleidoscope. There are various options for travelers.
I see the beautiful historic buildings. I learn about the war in museums. I will do the shopping in a commercial modern facilities.
I drink beer and local backpackers around the world.
After entering one back alley, to see the simple life of local people, to remember the nostalgia like Japan in the past.
Budget of each plan is a variety to suit your taste.

About entering the local area, (prices be cheaper) English no longer Spoken.
However, local people so accustomed to foreign words without through, also the same come up when you fitted in. what finger someone is eating in such stalls, and rates in the calculator when shopping at the store The Tari and display my, it becomes somehow.
Perhaps because of socialism, affable is not good, but basically, it is a city that feels rustic kindness of human nature.