It is the present conditions mobile phone at the same time as widespread, public phone's down from the city. Call charge is increased, but bring mobile is recommended to travel abroad in consideration of the emergency. You can use such as phone cards which can be purchased Edikora and (tobacco shop), for example (kiosk) Tabakki coins and 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, € 1, of € 2 if you need to use a public phone.


Mailing to (usually the left) who you have displayed (Per le tutte le altre direzioni) to the post on the outside to buy stamps at the post office and Tabakki. Sealed letter of up to 20g and postcards will arrive in about a week at € 0,80. Parcel takes about two weeks by airmail. There is also a chance of delay therefore somewhat congested time of Christmas and Easter. There is no problem in Japanese If you write "JAPAN" easy to understand at the end destination address, the feed people.