Ship transportation instead of the car

Transportation of day-to-day in Venice that a traffic-free area is the main means of transportation water taxi or vaporetto, gondola, and Toragetto. Let's distinguish efficiently by destination. You may want to use in the tourist fee purpose of these ships, because the increase compared to a bus that flies to other cities. Also for exploring on foot while crossing the Kobashi a lot of the alley in the city, called Carre is one of the best part of Netsu~ia should. You'll enjoy the unique atmosphere the whole city not to be able to taste in the other cities has become a maze of any angle is also beautiful, like a painting.

Water bus

connected by line 10 based on the remote island of 32 boarding stations that dot the Grand Canal of Venice main island. Landscape to look at from vaporetto so distinguished, it is recommended to beautiful architecture tour of the Grand Canal, Venice and travel for the first time.

Boarding fee:

€ 6,50 1 times ticket (Valid for 60 minutes)
€ 16 12-hour ticket
€ 18 24-hour ticket
€ 50 7 days ticket

Water taxi (Taxi Acqueo)

It is useful when you are in a hurry because it able to also contains small canal in comparison with the vaporetto. Sign "TAXI" there are runs to and Murano and the Lido and Airport landmark near the main vaporetto embarkation stations. The relatively high rate is limited 15-seater. What is authenticated's Written and yellow long side "TAXI" on the band on the water taxi. Note the so-called "white Taku" otherwise.

Boarding fee:

Marco Polo Airport - Venice center € 45
Marco Polo Airport - Lido € 55
Lido - Venice center € 36
Roma Square - St. Mark's Square € 41
Venezia center € 60 or Torcello Island - Burano

* € 14, meter is 0,25 € added every 15 seconds and then to 7 minutes later.
* Fee is added in each case by the amount at night, holiday, luggage.
* Round-trip ticket for one destination is 10% discount from the Marco Polo Airport.

Toragetto (Traghetto)

Four bridges only because it does not depend on the Grand Canal, it is convenient when you cross to the opposite bank from the location of the distance from the bridge. Boarding fee is 50 cents There are seven locations in the Grand Canal of Ka Rettsu~oniko or near the fish market embarkation stations. I pay Gontoriere directly at the time of boarding. The board runs every ride standing.

Gondola (Gondola)

Gondola has become a famous tourist rather than a means of transportation. Available St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge, from the Santa Lucia train station mainly boarding stations to boat attractive only in the world, come across Gondorieri of touts Carre leaving in the vicinity even (alley). Rates are 40 minutes € 80, € 100 is after 19:00. It's safest to keep the negotiations in advance, such as gestures and broken English fee because it is enhanced.