City of world heritage dominated the Mediterranean once

It was Venice that was in the Byzantine rule under the 9th century, but the ruler "Doge (governor)" had been the establishment of self-government of the Republic effectively. Most of the Mediterranean has entered under the rule of Venice is allowed to fall to Constantinople in the 12th century. And trade of Europe and the East begins by peace treaty at the end of the 14th century, Venice celebrated its heyday by obtaining wealth in the 15th century. The Grand Canal, which can be called artery of Venice main island a Mecca San Marco Square in tourism, such as beautiful many palaces that were built in this era lined, Renaissance culture has blossomed at the same time. During this period that consummate artist painter of the Venetian school, Tintoretto and Titian, of Giorgione et al played an active part. 150 things Canal Tour of the Venice consists of (lagoon) Laguna 118, bridge more than 400 has entered the city, city traffic-free area is a transportation of day-to-day of the big move or gondola boat, and vaporetto have. Sight to look at from the Rialto Bridge in the main across the Grand Canal is beautiful as a painting, gondola coming and going slowly and symbol of the city indeed. Town is also the Event venue important variety also, young and old dressed in a costume of watering hole of the 17th century, respectively, a collection Street becomes gorgeous even to St. Mark's Square and with a unique mask in Carnival to be held in February you. VIP from all over the world visit Events large Venice Film Festival is held in September each year in the Lido elongating the lagoon across from the square. Art Festival "Venice Biennale", which will be held every two years, a large exhibition of talented artists around the world. The production of the beautiful lace in Burano Kojima, production of the famous Venetian glass have been made in Murano. Venice tourist full of a lot of charm will be the memories that you never forget.

Pattern as seen from Venice sky

St. Mark's Square can be seen of the aorta through the city center, to the tip of the Grand Canal. Canal thick lower Giudecca Canal.