Salami and ham that can not miss the daily meal of Italian

There is a wide selection of Italian meats that are produced mainly in northern Japan, some mortadella of Bologna production, and Gorufetta oval sour from ham upscale Kiaina meat. Salami is produced throughout Italy, and the like salami Milanese salami and wild boar meat. And have you as a snack along with the wine of choice Izure also ate two and Parsippany, also, or place, such as crackers and pizza also very delicious. Such as salami and prosciutto in a line at the counter of the supermarket is sold in grams, and us to peddle on the spot by the amount of hope. Beware of eating too much fat and salt because there are many overall.


Prosciutto Crudo

Ham familiar produced mainly in northern Italy and Central. Parma ham and Sandaniere of Veneto, such as ham Carpegna of Marche has in particular, soft smooth flavor has been acclaimed.


Is produced in South Tyrol, smoked ham with less fat. Order to be removed fat content in smoked process only thigh meat of swine, texture is also plainly lightly.


Parma, boneless ham luxury of thigh meat of pork. Taste that will melt sliced ​​thinly of about 7cm diameter want to eat just only this all means.


Ham Piacenza production of various sizes that were a dark red color of the neck part of the pig. Those of light brown and delicious spice works but is a little too much fat content further.


Ham classic of soft rose color of the Bologna production. I fit in any cuisine and Piadina Parsippany and two fat studded in the ham round as white spots. Large and small, such as about 30cm diameter thing from the mini size of one person. It is desirable to eat ahead of time what is vacuum-packed in many cases, because the flavor fall after opening.



Salami that the oval of Romagna. Acidity has a strong flavor of fat is small compared to the normal salami. Flavor of garlic and pepper also ideal for Parsippany smell as good as two.


Brand of the leading in the country. What is seasoned with spices and salt pork minced, it has been aged packed into the large intestine.

Salame Milano

Focus on the process of production was placed slowly and carefully up to 3 weeks to 9 weeks gestation period depending on the size of the salami. Fat content often looks happy with lightly but surprisingly for this aging is work on the formulation of the adjustment portion without the fat content and the fat content. Salami typical without the habit to suit any cooking.


Thin small salami Parma, Piacenza. There is a sweet delicate considerably less fat content. How to eat traditional have you cut thick diagonally. Recommended to have you along with the bread and crostini as an appetizer.