Beautiful glassware of colors Byzantine craftsmen brought

date back to the 12th century history of Venetian glass, which is known all over the world. It begins when Constantinople was plundered by the fourth Crusade, Byzantine craftsmen fled the When did supply the glass industry a lot of Venice. You also learn how to decoration various improved technology glass Venetian craftsmen bring out the clarity and color further in the 16th century. Beginning a glass of beautiful colorful, just what you'll want to collection chandelier, such as jewelry. Sales of Venetian glass are being carried out in various places at present, but the main certification brands are produced in Murano Barovu~ieru & Toso and Vu~enini, and Paulie. I want to buy a Venetian glass authentic as possible, being careful to these manufacturers on the occasion of purchase.

Accessories case

Clarity that is common to all products splendid. Ideal for decoration of furniture such as vases or accessory case.


The price is also affordable and and watches decorated necklace or mobile holder, the wreath is elegant.


Lamps make me into a luxurious atmosphere as a side table in the living room or bedroom is one organism.


Design size, various have been sold. Beautiful vase enough we may not put a flower. Those fancy decoration, I want to choose beautiful things pattern if colored if transparent.


Glass to clear the masterpiece of veteran craftsman. Clean more when I arranged a set of color-coded the beautiful glass.


It is produced in rich design necklace, earrings, and bracelets. Necklace you have pieced together a glass of irregular size is attractive. Charm of red heart is perfect for souvenirs.