Events large traditional and full of costume masks and colorful

The history of carnival begins with alluded to the words of "carnival" is Vitale Ferri Yale Governor-General as a public festival in the 10th century. Fully people enjoy the masquerade and I think that without worrying about such class by you hide your identity in costume masks and unique, brooding tension and that the Republic of Venice, which has been severely limited the moral and social order at the same time had produced it was also a pleasure as the outlet for the. Carnival to be held in February each year followed by 11 days of next week to Mardi Gras (Tuesday Grasso) from last Saturday of Thursday Grasso. I was lasted for six weeks past, a small Event will be held in the city throughout the exhibition and concerts, and theater Ayakari to this large Events at present. In addition, such as masquerade of the palace and party held personally, luxury traditional at the time was alive still on. "Maria Festival" takes place in St. Mark's Square contest to elect 12 people a beautiful young woman. Women who were chosen to participate in colorful march of carnival. The (flight of the angel) show the "angel" alight is very impressive from the bell tower of the square.

Festa delle Marie

So-called "Miss Carnival contest" that takes place in front of the carnival. Beautiful young woman of 12 people were selected, starting the San Pietro di Castello church on the first Saturday of carnival time, head of the queue dressed and Musicians, the costume of the time in the march of them, as long as it flutters the flag Turn off the, to arrive in St. Mark's Square and march to the nines as a star in the audience that crowded. One Misumaria "Maria dell'anno" winner will be announced from among the 12 women more the next day.

Volo di Angelo

The show of "angel" to alight rope which is connected to the Doge's Palace from the bell tower of St. Mark's Square. Angel opened the lid of the abdomen packed at the point of descent half, I spread candy and confetti, and a small gift of a lot of open space to the crowd below.

Le maschere e i costumi

Costume various individual all. Fan blades and which is indispensable to accent, such as cane basic accessories to further gorgeous costumes.


There is a mask and type of various colors, mask with a beak that was used at a time when plague was popular masks and only hide your eyes to simple, also those, cover the entire face.


Which was reproduced costumes entertainment field of 17th and 18th centuries. Distinctive dress dressed in design and flashy colors fashion show exactly. Make elaborate each luxurious.