Osteria simple Venetian

It can be said that even the wine bar is standing ready made meals and wines by the glass of rich types is able to (Bacaro) Bakaro scattered everywhere in the town. It is also a place of communication that was familiar to locals who can eat and feel free to stop by in about snack compared to the Enoteca. Story of this Bakaro was born from the fact that wine seller has put the barrel in St. Mark's Square, it was selling a glass of wine once, the name is derived from God "Bacchus" of wine. Glass called "(negative) Ombra" from the fact that his team was chasing the shadow of the bell tower of St. Mark's to protect the wine from the sun at that time.

Chiketti (Cicchetti) appetizer

Most suitable for snack appetizer bite-sized. The price is also Buon Appetito and wines by the glass of your favorite affordable!