Spring, summer, fall and winter, the earth that is blessed with Mediterranean climate

Land, which floated in the Mediterranean Sea has a terrain of boots that extend long from north to south. Country composed of 20 states and is surrounded by the Mediterranean climate, production of citrus and olives, and vineyards have been actively carried out. Alps mountain range is covered with snow in winter, the temperature is lowered considerably in the northern city, the weather was overcast followed. On the other hand requires no heating and warm even in winter Sicily in the south. There is also be a hot 40 degrees generally summer, it would be easy to spend less moisture than in Japan. Also, let's enjoy one's heart's content nature of this great country or a hat sunglasses, UV protection is also being careful because strong sunlight in spring.


Entire country will bloom at once. Margaret cutting the tip tells the coming of spring. You show us the landscape of yellow flowers and poppy Jinepuro decorate the Okaryo zone is splendid with clear blue sky.


People started running to the sea the sun becomes more and more hot. There is a relatively moisture Adriatic Sea in the east, the west Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea has been nicely. The can feel the temperature difference between day and night in this area, it is advantageous cardigans even in midsummer, what to put on. I will walk the road covered with a carpet of green hikers in the Alps to the north. However it is safe and there is a folding umbrella and jacket weather and temperature is likely to change the mountainous area.


Short fall to enjoy the scenery that you foliage blink. Sun is also short, I will enter the winter time in late October. The landslide caused by bad weather or shower unstable, floods occur frequently at this time the weather. Good weather will continue sometimes snow later in the north, cage Some people go to the beach until around November in the south and vice versa.


Snow also quite cold down the north. Fog weather was overcast with deep continued appears often. It is a tough season in Europe will be below freezing at night. On the other hand south can spend comfortably blessed with a temperate climate.