Access to Italy

Direct flights of Alitalia (AZ) has runs from Narita and Kansai Airport from Japan. 5 flights a week to go Milan, 9 flights from Narita Airport to go Rome, Rome is going service each of the five flights a week from the Kansai International Airport. Access to Northern Italy is now more convenient new route to Venice direct flights are operated twice a week - Narita from April 2014. Also, the access to the medium-size city, let's entry in transit in the Schengen member countries and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France, etc. Rufutohansa aviation.

Ferrovie dello Stato

Ferro Vie dello start that has been popular in the name of the FS is run by railway in the country. Such as super-express trains, including the Freccia Rossa connecting the local long distance line connecting the short distance from (Rejonare) is the main train. The sleeper train to cross the border to France and Switzerland also available from Milan, that I do not like people of airplane Let's use it by all means. It has attracted the attention "Italo" of private equipped with modern features (Italo) has been operating in recent years.


Super-express train at a speed of 300km / h, which connects in 55 minutes 2 hours non-stop between Rome - Milan. It is operated in about 6 hours, you will arrive in Rome Termini through the stop station Milan, Bologna, of Firentsu~ie is between Salerno - Torino. I can enjoy a comfortable shaking noise also at least travel.


Southern operation Reggio Calabria, to Lecce of the Adriatic Sea from the northeast of Italy primarily. Speed ​​of 250km / h is less than fretting tea Rossa to some extent, but peace of mind comfort and service are similar. 3 hours 19 minutes, between Rome Venice - - I signed in 2 hours 50 minutes between Verona Rome.


The origin of Rome, Tuscany coast, the Ligurian coast, connecting the small city of the Adriatic Sea further mainly traveling on a conventional line of Eurostar. It is referred to as Pendolino (vibration) stop station because there are many also many shaking. People who have motion sickness Let's use the Freccia.


Long-distance express trains connecting major cities in the country. It takes longer than Freccia, but recommended for the person who wants to travel slowly fee because it is cheaper. Seat inside the car compartment type of one room six.


New express train to the city's railway NTV was born in 2011 to management. It has signed a wide range of domestic Rimini southern Salerno, the Adriatic, the Ancona between Turin in the north, from Venice. Elegantly furnished with high-tech opposed to Freccia of Railways modern made. Comfortable travel can promise over long distances, such as mounting a security surveillance camera also Free Internet, and TV. You can choose services according to the needs of the individual there is a class of 3 Smart, Prima, of the Club. Do not stop to Milan Central Station Roma Termini drawbacks.

Local train

Local train Espresso (express), Diretto (subacute), Regionale (such as stations) will run mainly short-range. It is convenient when you go to a small town because the local train. However the last train does not travel until late, better put the check in advance the train time of return will be safe when the time is likely to take on tourism.

how to get the ticket

Distinction destination, round-trip, tell the (also check for adults, children, if necessary) the number at the counter. English because communicate mostly in major tourist city, it is all right even if you do not speak Italian. People are not confident in English Let presented to the staff directly in the memos are required in advance. And that the desired data (in the case of reserved tickets and long-distance express train) that is printed is written correctly, let's check the Keep the change after the purchase. Do not forget embossing with an embossing machine that yellow dot the station yard before riding the bicycle. Watch out it is because of the fine. Eurail Pass is recommended for people to use the train frequently. Can use up to 3 months in the path - Adult € 444 in 15 days of continuous use, it is valid for 6 months from purchase. Use in 24 European countries is possible, Eurail Pass Some are sold in the station yard, but the delivery is also possible ( to Japan booked on the Internet in advance.


And medium-range bus connecting the suburbs, long-distance bus that connects the whole of Italy has been operating in Italy. Frequency of trains is small, and will be able better to take the bus arrives exactly at the destination early in the place time is irregular.

rental car

Difficult to access by bus or train, people who have confidence in the operation of Le individual beautiful spots of Italy, such as the small town of medieval Okaryo - Let me come circumference by default. Left-hand drive, manual car is traveling a lot right in Italy. Car running around priority at the point of donut type called Rotonda. Let's ride with the flow and look at the cut. The international license is required for operation.