The currency of Russia is Russian Ruble. The currency code is shown "RUB", and the currency symbol is "руб" and "к"(cent).


руб10, руб50, руб100, руб500, руб1000, руб5000 are 6th types of banknotes.

5 rubles

10 rubles

50 rubles

100 rubles

500 rubles

1000 rubles

5000 rubles


There are 8 types of coins:
руб1, руб2, руб5, руб10, к.1, к.5, к.10, к.50.


There are 4 coins of Ruble: руб1, руб2, руб5, руб10


There are 4 coins of Kopeck: к.1, к.5, к.10, к.50


The exchange rate is 30 roubles to 1 US dollar. You can exchange money at airports, banks, exchange booths etc. You'd better carry plenty of cash, especially for tourists who are going to visit small towns. They hardly accept credit cards or travelers' cheques. US dollars and Euro are strongest among other currencies and they are favorable to exchange to Ruble everywhere in Russia. Moscow and St.Petersburg have good rates better than nature zones like Siberia. You can carry cash up to USD 3,000 without declaring it.

Credit Cards

There're many cash machines in Moscow, St. Petersburg and major Siberian cities, and a lot of shops and restaurants accept cards in the big cities. ATM machines (bankomat) are also available in Russia charging 0 to 1% commission if you withdraw money with the card of the other (foreign) bank. Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Cirrus / Maestro are accepted almost in any ATM, while AMEX and Diners Club can be used at few places.