You can enter in Russia by plane from JFK international airport to Moscow and to St.Petersburg. Aeroflot, Delta Air lines (arrive at: Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport <SVO>) and Transaero (arrives at: Moscow Vnukovo International Airport <VKO>) operate direct flight to Moscow in 9 hours 35minutes. While Aeroflot and Lufthansa fly to St.Petersburg (St.Petersburg Airport <LED>). It takes 12 hours 55 minutes with transit.


Who wants to access to Russia by train, there are some choices to get to its major cities: Moscow and St.Petersburg. There is a rail connection to Moscow from Paris, which travels via Germany, Poland and Belarus, for which you will need a transit visa.
there are also sleeper trains and coaches from other Western and nearly all Eastern European capitals, from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, and from China, Mongolia and Turkey.

Allegro high-speed train

This super-fast train connects St.Petersburg and Helsinki in 3 hours and 30 minutes at 220km/h. Best services are offered all passengers comfort, wi-fi, kids' area, and dining coach. For purchase of ticket, booking online is very convenient. You have to go through an automatic check-in procedure with number that you're given, you just have to show passport on board.

Tolstoy Train

Tolstoy Train is suitable for who has plenty of time or wish to spend ticket cheaper. It serves between Moscow and Helsinki. It takes 14 hours one-way, but costs less than the other high-speed trains, so you have to plan well your trip in advance. You can easily buy this train ticket online. Price of ticket starts from 680ruble-34000ruble ($200 to $1000). Inside train is decorated with classic Russian style. Staff is well-trained for professional services. There are business class, 1st class and 2nd class. Those classes are commonly clean and comfortable.


There are many ways to get to Russia by ship. You can enjoy short crusing. The St Peter Line Ferries have regular voyages to St Petersburg between March and December, from Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki. It is also possible to catch a ferry from Trabzon in Turkey to Sochi and Novorossiysk. In the Far East, ships cross the Sea of Japan from Vladivostok to Niigata.


If you want to explore northern Europa around Baltic Sea, there is a nice proposition. Several cruise companies have various programs for voyages including St.Petersburg, offering between seven and 21 days. Contact these major companies below.

Princess Cruises

Costa Cruises


Holland America Cruises

Royal Caribbean

Getting around


<Moscow>- Aeroexpress train takes you to the city center in just 35 minutes from Moscow airports (or vice versa): Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports. There are two classes, business and economy. Business class requires the date and the departure time when you reserve seat. The train runs from 6:00 to 00:00 every 30 minutes. You can buy ticket online below.

<St.Petersburg>- There is no express train like Moscow that connects metro station. You can take, instead, city bus k-3 or k-213 from St.Petersburg Airport till Moskovskaya metro station.

Sapsan high-speed train

This rinnovated train operates between St.Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny and Novgorod. You can reach Moskovsky Station in St.Petersburg or Leningradskaya Station in Moscow in 3 hours at 250km/h max.

Grand Express Train

This overnight train takes you from Moscow to St.Petersburg in 8 hours. This train run by private company gives you luxury experience and utmost comfort like first-class service. The train is just for whoever looks for something different from other Russian trains that run the same route, even though it is slow.

Rossiya Train

This train operated on the Trans-Siberian Railway is mostly for tourists who aim to adventure throughout Russian nature. Rossiya train provides the highest quality service on the week-long run between Moscow and Vladivostok.

Sochi Train

This new train runs between Moscow and Sochi, city along the Black Sea. The first double-decker train is proudly realized for Sochi Winter Olympic in 2014.


<Moscow>- There is no indication in English, so you'd better bring a map written in both Russian and English. You can also get it at the station. Apart from this difficulty, Moscow Metro is very organized and extended widely to 11 lines, metropolis indeed. You can buy ticket at the ticket booth signed "KACCA". Ticket types are variable, you can choose 1,2,5,20 or 60 rides from price list on the booth. For a single ride costs 30 rubles.

<St.Petersburg>- It's more simple than Moscow. But metro progresses in its modern transport system as trend as other metros in the world. 5 lines (deepest ones in the world) are across under the rivers in the city center. The fare for a single journey to anywhere in the city is around 34ruble ($1). St. Petersburg's metro still uses a system of tokens ("zheton") the size of larger coins. These can be bought from the cashier windows operating in every station vestibule or vending machines of two types in nearly all stations. Stations open at like Moscow approximately 5:45 to 00:30. Services are very efficient.

Bus, Trolleybus and Tram

<Moscow>- Public transports are very efficient. Bus, trolley bus and tram run throuth the city surfing on the 700 routes with 5 thousand stops of both urban ones and regional ones.

<St.Petersburg>- Bus is cheap, but a little bit difficult for tourists to use. There is no signs in English at the stops. Trolleybus is maybe useful for foreigners who visit here for the first time, it runs all over the city. Tram is helpful for those who plan to go outside of the city center.

*Images of Bus, Trollybus and Tram below run in Moscow.


Trolley bus


Marchrutka (minibus in St.Petersburg)


You can catch any type of cars in both Moscow and St.Petersburg. There are two types of taxi: official and unofficial Chastniki. Chastniki is largely run in the city. So, it'll be easy to find them even if it's unfavorable. You just keep in mind of negotiating with drivers for fare before you get in. Prices are about 150-200 ruble.


Welcome Taxi
(price reasonable and order online)

Taxi Martex
Tel: 739-52-25, 778-88-22, 315-59-07, 315-00-23

City Taxi
Tel: 500-0500


Angel Taxi (English-speaking operators and drivers in St. Petersburg's premier 24/7 taxi dispatching per-km service with over 300 drivers in St.Petersburg.)
Tel: (+7) 812 777 20 10

Taxi 068
Tel:(+7) 812 068, (+7) 812 324 77 77

Taxi 7000000
Tel: (+7) 812 700 00 00,

New Yellow Taxi
Tel: (+7) 812 600 88 88,


Temporary visitors to Russia may drive for up to 60 days with a valid U.S. driver's lisence and a notarized Russian translation. Tourists may also use International Driving Permits issued by the American Automobile Association or the American Automobile Touring alliance to drive in Russia. Vehicles drive on the right.