Enjoy learning fascinating language little by little

Russian language has its own charasteristic. Unique letters belong to only Russian. It seems a little bit difficult but you can acquire it if you are just interested in it. As time passes by - 1 month, 3 months, 6months and then 1 year, you'll acknowledge how much you improve your Russian langeage in every term, and you'll know Russia as well.

Russian basic conversation:
*hyphen (long sound)
* "ny" is pronounced [nj]

1. Yes - Да (da-)
2. No - Нет (nie-to)
3. Hi! - Привет! (privie-to)
4. Hello! - Здравствуйте! (zudra-stviche)
5. Good morning - Доброе утро (do-brae u-tora)
6. Good afternoon - Добрый день (do-brui dien)
7. Good evening - Добрый вечер (do-brui vie-chiru)
8. How are you? - Как дела? (ka-gu jula-)
9. Thank you! - Большое спасибо! (balisho-e supasui-ba)
10. You're welcome - Не за что (nie- za shita)
11. Please - Пожалуйста (paja-lusta)
12. speak slowly - Говорите медленно (gavari-che mie-dlinna)
13. I don't understand - Я не понимаю (ya- ni banima-yu)
14. Of course - Конечно (kanye-shina)
15. good - Это хорошо (e-ta harasho-)
16. bad - Это плохо (e-ta plo-ha)
17. I'm sorry - Извините (izvini-che)
18. Nice to meet you - Разрешите представиться (razurishi-che prista-vizzia)
19. My name is... - Меня зовут... (minya zavi-to)
20. Good-bye - До свидания (da svida-nya)