Cabbage dishes are indispensable for the Russian

Piroshki, borscht, beef stroganoff and vodka. You already know them in some places. Yes, these are Russian foods! In the first place, these were developed by peasants who lived in the extreme northern regions. They created thier simple and healthy foods, made of vegetables and meats, which were cultivated around their properties. They liked to cook warm dishes and preserve foods against harsh climates. In the 18th-19th century, when foreign foods began to be imported in Russia, its cuisine became better and richer introducing its unique creations. There some popular Russian cuisines below. They give you much energy for sure.

1. Shashlik

Russian skewers of lamb kebab with tomato-prune sauce.

2. Borscht

This recipe is typical Russian food. It's simple soup with beef and beet.

3. Golubtsy

Ground beef mixed with boiled rice or buckwheat wrapped in cabbage leaves.

4. Piroshki

This is a famous stuffed bread in the world. You can create your original piroshki filling jam, cheese, vegetables etc.

5. Beef stroganoff

This dish is beef and mushroom stew over long pasta. It gives you power to stay up!

6. Pelmeni

Russian meat dumplings inside pasta which is also found in other foreign countries like cappelletti in Italy. You can taste it in soup or with herb.

7. Blini

Russian crepes with filling caviar, ikura, jam or cheese.

8. Vodka

This worldwide alcohol is very strong enough to keep your body warm to Russian extreme climate.