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Moscow is the 860 year-old capital of Russia. This city is a large metropolis (11 million people; world's most populated inland city) on the Moskva River, which bends its way through the city. Most of the main sites are on the northern bank of the river. The other major waterway is the Yauza River, which flows into the Moskva east of the Kremlin. Moscow has been playing an important role for development of Russia from medieval to Soviet Union. It's a major political, economic, cultural and scientific center in Russia and in Eastern Europe. Moscow Kremlin is now a medieval city-fortress that is the residence of the Russian president as well as World Heritage Sites. Although the city is today modernized with skyscrapers and developed transit network, Soviet architectures and its life style are still visible. Kremlin complex, center of the city, is concentrated with historical architectures from time of the Russian Empire. You can see its richness from every symbolic monument.