Banya - Essential element of Russian culture

Banya (a Russian type of sauna, a kind of steam bath) is one of the oldest Russian traditions. This tradition continues to please Russian people ever more. The birth of Banya goes back to 440 B.C.. The Scythians were having baths in their tents by pouring water on hot stones to get a steam effect inside. Today, the banya is a pleasure and healthful accommodation for many Russian people. This hot steam cleans up body and fights for sickness. It's also recommended for overweight persons to go there once a week. The day you are treated here, you don't get old. Thus, they enjoy bathing in the banya, relaxing and indulging themselves. Especially, those Russians who have summer cottages build the thier own banya there. This could be good communication place for the Russian to stay with family or friends.

Inside the banya

There are two wooden rooms: parnaya and predbannik.
Parnaya is a room with a large amount of hot steam. There are the wooden benches laid like steps around the wall.
Predbannik is a room before the parnaya, where you can take a break from the hot temperature and relax over a cup of tea. Of course, once you get warmed enough, you can go dipping into a pool of cold water too. In Siberia, instead of a pool, people jump into the snow!


This broom called venik is a bundle of twigs and leafy branches bound together from oak or birch tree. The veniks are dipped into cold water and then smacked briskly all over the body. Exercise it with your friends for fun!