If you need to call from Russia to U.S.(or vice versa), you just dial numbers below.

8-10-1-area code-number (from Russia)
011-7-(city code)-Russian number (from U.S.)

Some area codes: Moscow (495), Moscow outskirts (499), St.Petersburg (812), Sochi (8622)

Cards from "Arktel" are recommended for the cheapest rate and ease of use (around 7-9 cents per minute). These cards can be bought at small kiosks which dot most Russian cities. The Evroset-branded card can be also usuful in Evroset stores, Russia largest cell phone store chain.
Payphones are rarely found in Russia. So, it'll be best if you carry a cell phone from U.S. with an international carrier or you get a Russian SIM card to insert for local calls.


You can send a letter or a parcel at a post office at cheap price. Russian post is slow but acceptable. Postage is for a letter up to 20g is 20,74r/$0,61, a postcard costs 14,62r/$0,43 both of them by air. Parcel up to 500g costs 510r/$15 delivered by DHL, TNT and UPS etc. It takes around 3 weeks to arrive. Post offices usually work monday - friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and saturday - 9:00 to 17:00. Sunday is closed.