Even in urban areas, sewer facilities are poor, so there is a risk of contracting various infectious diseases in Cambodia.
Throughout the year, because it is high temperature, you want to be careful to sunstroke.
Medical facilities also limited in number. Because of this it may be best to be treated Thailand or Singapore for serious problems.
It is always the best to purchase travel insurance in advance.


The situation in Cambodia has stabilized after the termination of the armed struggle in 1999, and it has become a more secure environment for tourists.
However, it is recommended to check the latest information before traveling.
These two sites provide the latest information on the situation in Cambodia.

Although stable, tourists need to watch out for petty crime.
Crimes such as robbery and pick pocketing, and fraud have been reported.

There are cases, such as are poor exchange rates, troubles with motorcycle taxis, and also fake jewelry.
Take measures such as not allowing taxis to introduce you to hotels.

・Pick pocketing
Pick pocketing occurs in crowded places, such as around markets and at the Angkor ruins.
In some cases wallets are stolen by prostitutes who get close, touching the body.

Tuk-tuks are something you must ride at least once in Cambodia. With the increase of trouble with tourists, they now wear a jacket with the printed number of the driver on duty.
This has reduced many problems. You only want to get a driver who is wearing this jacket.