Currency and Exchange

Currency of Cambodia is Riel. It is denoted as KHR.
There are 17 notes from 50-100000 in circulation.
1.00 USD = 3,993.00 KHR (As of April 2014)

However, the US dollar is also commonly used in Cambodia.
Change is usually given in Riel. US dollar coins are not in circulation
There is no significant difference if you pay in either currency. The advantage is the US dollar is easier to calculate.


Currency exchange is available at hotels, banks, and exchange offices.
Exchange offices are many in the areas around markets.
The currency exchange rate is often better than the bank at these offices.

Credit Cards

You can use credit card restaurants for foreigners, or in gift shops, but for most local purchases you will always need cash.
ATMs are on the increase in the cities or urban areas.