Their identity is inherited from their ancestors.

Cambodia is still early days after the civil war ceased, but the situation has stabilized.
Now Cambodia is climbing the stairs of a bright future.
It has a short history as a tourist destination, it may be said it's still evolving, but now might be the most interesting time as a tourist, as the local people are full of hope.

As tourism from abroad increases, the city will is refining, It is changing its expressions with each passing day.
But the Angkor monuments are the biggest tourist attraction, a presence that rises above the times.
Comparing the ruins with the city is very interesting.

As urban areas of many countries evolve, they follow the way of westernization.
Cambodia is also going that way.
However, the ruins are not a "theme park of ancient ruins" for mere tourists. They are an object of faith that exists along with the lives of the local people.
They are living whilst worshipping ancestors and gods, more than we might think.

They were able to overcome a bloody history, because they did not lose faith, and identify with their ancestors.
Notwithstanding the buildings that are left behind for them, the ruins are an identity to continue to tell the future.
You will be able to feel it universally in their hearts that if you go to Cambodia.
While continuing to change superficially, Cambodia will continue to protect the heritage of their ancestors.