It is beautiful when seen from anywhere. Let's look at the various angles of Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is the highlight of Siem Reap tourism.
Is it most beautiful when viewed from some angles.
I will try and compare the various angles.

Angkor Wat viewed from the Sandstone causeway.

The whole picture is presented a little bit at a time as you enter from the west, passing under the gate in the center of the causeway.
It's as if you are getting a little closer to heaven. It has perfect beauty.
First three spires and then five are seen as you approach.

Angkor Wat floating in the water.

Angkor Wat as reflected in the pool at the side of the causeway is beautiful.
It is a wondrous scene.

Angkor Wat at sunrise.

Angkor Wat emerges against the background as the sun rises. The scene varies depending on the weather and the season.
It will give a different impression each time you see it.

Angkor Wat view from the sky.

There is a special way to view Angkor Wat, 200m in the sky from a balloon about 1km west of Angkor Wat.
For about 10 minutes, Angkor Wat, and of course, other temples all the way to Phnom Kulen, about 40km away, can be seen on a clear day.
It is Angkor Wat from "The view of God." It is like floating amongst the green jungle, it's very mysterious.

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