Access to the city from the Siem Reap International Airport

There is a counter that sells taxi tickets at the airport, in the arrival hall. A taxi is about 30000KHR (about 7USD), whereas tuk-tuks generally charge from 16000KHR (about 4USD).
Touts on bikes and in taxis are often outside of the airport. It is best not to use them.
Also many people also have cards for hotel and tours. It is the best to be very careful if you use their services.

Getting around in Cambodia


Domestic flights are operated between Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.
Change of schedule or cancelled flights are frequent, so it is the best to confirm with the airport on the day.


It is possible to go by speedboat between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
It is also a change of pace from travelling by land or air.
From April to July the service will be suspended due to low water levels.


There are several long-distance bus companies, generally they are very cheap, and very similar.
They usually have air conditioning, and the seating is spacious and comfortable. Bottled water is also included.
Some have onboard toilets They are a convenient way to travel across borders, such as to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).
They are easy to use and you can buy a ticket and travel on the day, with frequent departures.


There are almost no taxis that can you can catch on the streets in Cambodia.
But it is possible to either call on the phone, or find in places such as the front of luxury hotels in Phnom Penh city.
Meter taxis are operated by the following companies. Both charge around 1USD for 1800m.
Global Meter Taxi (011 311 888)
Choice Taxi (023 888 023)


The tuk-tuk was introduced from Thailand.
There is seating for 4-6 people, so they can be used as a substitute for a taxi in Cambodia.
You can charter all day for about 50000KHR (about 12USD). Extra charges may apply in the case of long distances.
They are said to be safer than bike taxis on the rough roads of Cambodia.

Motorcycle taxi

There is no license required for the driver of a Motorcycle taxi. Note that some drivers use the motorcycle for criminal purposes.
They are easy and convenient to move short distances.
It is possible to avoid trouble if you check the rates in advance (ask your hotel), or get hotel staff to negotiate for you.