The mysterious animals protects the temples.

There are sculptures of strange animals in the ruins of Siem Reap.
These are important to the presence of the mysterious ruins.
I will show you their profile.
Tourism will become more fun when you know them.


The mythical snake is friendly to humans, ands has it's origins in Indian mythology.
It is the figure of a Cobra with five or seven heads. Or in some cases a human with the head of a Cobra.
It is a guardian deity in Buddhism.

In the myths and legends of Cambodia, it is also the guardian of water, the sea, lakes, and fountains.
It is believed that a bridge connects heaven and earth, and it is used to a causeway of many temples.

"Movement of Apsara" is a folk dance of Cambodia, and represents the movement of Naga.

It is found at many archaeological sites such as Angkor Wat and Bayon.


The large mythical bird that emits heat and shines like a flame. It has appeared in Indian mythology. The sun is said to be the origin.
It has the head, beak, wings, and claws of an eagle and the body of a man. It has a body of gold and red wings.

It is ridden by Vishnu. It has a hostile relationship with Naga.

It is possible to see it in many ruins, the Garuda and Naga at the entrance of the east tower of Preah Khan is particularly beautiful.


The water-monster has appeared in Indian mythology. It is the ride of the water god Varuna.
Because it has a long coiled tail, and a nose like an elephant, it is like a cross between a crocodile, a shark and a dolphin.
It has the power to manipulate the water, seas and lakes and rivers, and has became the object of worship.

The relief at Banteay Srei is particularly beautiful.

Kala (Kirtimukha)

A voracious monster. Also known as the "Monster of Greed".
It is said that he ate his own body, and became only a face.
It is usually expressed only as a face, or a face and arms.
It is often carved together with Makara.

It originally was in Indian mythology, but it's more popular in Cambodia.
It is often used for decoration, such as a gate of a temple.