The sun makes the ruins a romantic place.

The ruins look more beautiful depending on the time of day.


Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat are the only ruins of Siem Reap facing west.
The morning sun rises from the back of the building, a unique sight that can be enjoyed.
It is best to look from around the pool between Sandstone causeway.
Admission to Angkor Wat is from 5am in the morning.

Phnom Bakheng

The mountain is about 60m in height, and is one of the three sacred mountains of Angkor.
There is a temple at the top of the mountain, and a panoramic view of 360 degrees can be had from there.
The morning sun rises from beyond over the vast jungle.
Feel the majestic nature whilst viewing the ruins.


Phnom Bakheng

Sunrise at Phnom Bakheng is great, but the sunset is more popular.
On the horizon are the ruins in a forest.
However, because the sunset is very popular here, the evening will be very crowded.
Because there are the entrance restrictions of 300 people, you should go early.

Pre Rup

It is not as crowded as Phnom Bakheng, so people can watch the sunset in a less crowded setting.
Sunset over the jungle in the direction of Angkor Wat is very beautiful.
It's a very quiet atmosphere.


The ruins are a place where you must be careful.
Moving in the dark night becomes necessary when watching the sunrise and sunset.
Walking in the dark is risky because the ruins are on a rocky mountain.
It's also better to be accompanied by a reliable guide, because there is some danger from things such as robbery.