Let's enjoy a healthy natural dessert.

Bright colored fruit will catch your attention in supermarkets or markets.
In Cambodia, there are all kinds of fruit that are delicious.
Fruit makes the journey more enjoyable, it is also healthier if you eat fruits instead of snacks.
The following fruits are in abundance. It is also possible to enjoy the fruits as a juice.


It is a Cambodian style that they eat a sour mango that is not ripe, with salt and red pepper, and to eat like a snack.
It has a good chemistry with beer too.
Blue mango is used in cooking.


It has a unique appearance, covered in something that looks like tender needles, but the flesh is white and juicy.
It is not too sweet and can eat a lot.
Season is from July to September.

Sugar apple

It has a local name of "Buddha head".
There is also a texture like biting into particles of sugar, it has sweet creamy flesh.
Season is from August to September.

Dragon fruit

Small seeds that look like black sesame seeds are scattered in the pure white flesh, encased in a bright red skin.
It is sweet and sour, and delicious. It is possible to eat simply by cutting with a knife.


It is delicious to eat smell, but the smell is not too good.
The flesh is sweet and creamy. It is recommended to try if you have never eaten.
Season is from March to April.