talians have to take care of greeting, I engaged the voice well. It is commonplace for them, it is great practice. Please, try to return the reply when you visit us.

● When it got to the shop
Let's greetings for your time.
"Buon giorno (Hello Joe Buon Renault /)"
"Buona sera (good evening Bu~onasera /)"

● When you leave the shop
"Arrivaderci (Aridevu~eruchi)"

● When the time once you're something you have /
And your feelings of gratitude "Grazie (Gurattsu~ie)" and! This is the basic opponent will return "Prego (you're welcome Prego /)" and at that time.

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interruption of column

Italians not important to the column there as Japan. There also would have been interrupted to be tardy So. You can keep making the situation that can pay the money immediately, and here's just fine that "was here myself" in and register as a countermeasure.

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Transportation is delayed

Transportation is delayed more than a little in Italy. Since it may be tens of minutes to several hours as delayed, rather than build a tight schedule so much, I hope if there is no mistake and keep focus on where you want to go.

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Usage fee of € 1 will take from 50 cents at the station. It is a system in which the gate is opened by inserting a coin or payment, directly If you have staff at the entrance. Public toilets Machinaka is generally free, but security and cleanliness has slightly less.


Rule of smoking

Where smoking is forbidden in public places indoors all. It is important to note that hotels travelers use frequently, restaurants and in the car.
€ 500 will be imposed at the highest Violations. Fine is doubled in the violation in an environment with children and pregnant women in particular.


● ladies first
Ladies first are the basis of Italy. For example, a man opened the door, let's wait to be pressed by hand to Kiru woman followed by a street. Be moved on a case-by-case basis is important.

● Dress
In the case of clothes a lot of exposure, may not be admitted in the churches. Dress mini skirt and sleeveless, such as sandals Let's be careful.

● table manners
· Let's dining noiselessly
- Will not you come and have to mouth the dishes
• You eat it tear the bread. The place where it was torn it in a way that is transparent to the other party ..

● I bite the nose
There is no less Kamuhito the nose in public in Italy. It seems uncomfortable because there are many when I smoked To loose and be patient rather, please do not hesitate to bite when bad condition!