climate in Italy

Italy is a country where there is four seasons climate is mild. Clothes would be all right as it does not change the temperature of Tokyo Tokyo and Rome because it is almost the same. Just because humidity is less than Japan, cool shade in the summertime, sometimes a little chilly at night. It would be nice to have a little jacket as sun protection.

emperature, precipitation and humidity of Rome

December year November October September August July June May April March February January month
The average maximum temperature ° C 11.8 13.0 15.2 18.1 22.9 27.0 30.4 30.3 26.8 21.8 16.3 12.6 20.52
The average minimum temperature ° C 2.7 3.5 5.0 7.5 11.1 14.7 17.4 17.5 14.8 10.8 6.8 3.9 9.64
Precipitation mm 102.6 98.5 67.5 65.4 48.2 34.4 22.9 32.8 68.1 93.7 129.6 111.0 874.7
Humidity% 77 75 72 73 71 68 67 66 69 74 78 78 72.3

Seasons in Rome

Spring (3~5 )

Spring flowers bloom, nature is lush. Spring of Rome is suitable for tourism in Japan as. Order to get the humidity is low, you will feel the difference of heat and cold more. Jacket is essential when you visit so chilly morning and evening even on a day warm during the day.
In addition, there is also time the weather is unstable. We recommend preparing for rain gear in preparation for a sudden rain.

Photo: by M. Clarise Moore @ N08 /

Summer (6~8)

Because you do not have a rainy season such as Japan, Italy, this time is the time to dry the most in one year. It rose to 27 degrees to 30 degrees during the day, you chilly 15 degrees morning and evening. It is a good season when there is little jacket even as protection against the cold protection on the sunburn. It would be nice to have as well as sunglasses and a hat.

Photo: by Bayliss

Fall (9~11)

Rainy season of Rome is coming. Precipitation of summer is was a 30mm front and back, and comes out to about 100mm in around October and increased gradually Once in September. That it cease immediately because it is often squall, but it is the season to be useful rain gear.
Heat of late summer is followed by still more in September but, ♪ I please have the jacket temperature, so you coming down gradually

Photo: by Seba S

Winter (12~2)

It is the arrival of the winter! Minimum temperature of December of Rome about 4 degrees. Siberian cold wave visited, Italy is also becoming like a winter. The coldest time in a year in January. Streets some taste of Italy is beautiful, but please make yourself firmly measures against cold feet because many cold stone pavement.

Photo: by StefanoRomeTours