Voltage of Italy is 220V, frequency is 50Hz. Because it can not be used as it is Japanese electric appliance, transformer is required.


Outlet of L-type has been popular in Italy, but the type C-type is often plug against. Shape is slightly different, but if that can be used to insert without a problem is often.

※ The image is a type C and the wall outlet / plug 16, the old type CEE 7. wikipedia

Wifi in Rome

Wifi has been popular in Rome. There is a thing called "Provincia WiFi" in the public wifi. Requires pre-registration, but you can enjoy the net for free prefecture more than 1000 of the spot by putting a password!
In addition, There are a lot of Free wifi spot. Display. Wrote therefore to the shop, and spend to choose something like that also it would be good.
There is no doubt I asked before entering so that there is no fault in the thing, even if there is display.