Access to the city from the international airport

There are two airports in Rome. Is Ciampino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci) Airport Fiumicino which is used as the main international and domestic flights from Japan and other countries. Ciampino is the handling of Europe only domestic, but it is characterized by low-cost airlines of the topic's participating.

Move from Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) Airport

Is located in the area of Fiumicino city about 30km from Rome. It is one of the international airport of Italy up to par with Milan Malpensa International Airport in Milan. There are also direct flights from Japan, I can access from Narita and Kansai airports.

There Leonardo Express (rail), local trains, buses, and taxis move means to the city.

Leonard express

Leonardo Express is a railway connecting the Termini train station and the airport. Railway of this place is guaranteed in the case of strike. All trains will arrive in 24 Line-luggage office close to the baggage of Termini Station.

■ fare: (free under 12) € 14 one way
■ Duration: about 31 minutes

Last train and the first train from the airport Yes
6:30 to 23:35
Last train and the first train from Termini Station Yes
5:52 to 22:52

※ weekdays, public holidays as well. Departure interval is every 30 minutes.

Photo: by Rafel Miro

Local train

Local line also has come out from the airport. I have signed a (Tuscolana) main station of Termini other than in Rome, Trastevere (Trastevere), Ostiense (Ostiense), Tuscolana. Torasuvu~ere to arrive 8 euros one way, in about 28 minutes.


here are various Sit Bus Shuttle, Terravision, Atral-Schiaffini, Cotral, and AUTONOLEGGIO TIRRENO. It is a good idea to choose the destination. Late-night bus called Bus Nottruno also service the last train after. This one is about 45 minutes one way € 7 (€ 5 with advance purchase), to arrive.


Let's take a taxi from the regular location of the "TAXI" display. There is a stand in the arrival terminal exit. € 40 flat one-way fare is (four passenger luggage fee). Destination will be the luggage fee is applied to the amount of the taxi meter in the case of other (within walls of Rome) Rome center. About approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour travel time.

※ Note: There is a taxi trader coming spoke out immediately, but you may not be a regular taxi. It taken a premium rate because not a few, please ride from the location of the "TAXI" always displayed.

Transfer from Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport cheap airlines of the topic have entered. I want to go to Italy, but cheap, ♪ Please refer here to Need Help to access to the city

There are shuttle bus, limousine bus, and taxi transportation to the city.

shuttle bus

It is a shuttle bus which runs to the airport and train station Termini.

■ name: Terravision
■ fare: free (WEB purchase eight euros) ※ 5 years 6 euros one way 11 euros (WEB purchase € 4) round trip
■ Duration:
20: :04:30-21 Airport arrival - departure from Termini station
05: :08:05-24 Termini station arrival - airport

Limousin bus

t is a limousine bus that connects the airport and train station Termini.

■ name: Bus Shuttle
■ fare: € 6 departure from Termini / Ciampino airport € 4
■ Duration:
30: :04:30-21 departure from Termini Station - Airport arrival
15: :07:45-23 airport-Termini station arrival


There is a stand in the arrival terminal exit. € 30 one-way fare is (four passenger luggage fee).