Visa required documents

Visa when entering as a tourist to Italy

If you are entering as a tourist purpose to Italy is an EU member state, it is not required of visa stay period is limited to 90 days. For 90 days within six months, how many times you out, does not cause the number of days you can stay will increase this.

For passport, valid ones you need to return date.

In the EU, movement in the region is now very easy by Shungen agreement. If the EU, just by customs examination and immigration in a country which was in the first, you can enter without the examination in the same way as domestic travel to other countries of the EU.

Currently, Schengen implementation countries, Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal , Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg.
And it is scheduled to enter Croatia also here from 2015.

Required documents

There are cases immigration card, customs declaration form is required in other countries,
Is not required with respect to Italy.

Passport control

Passport control
① immigration
After arriving in Italy, first I will receive immigration.
Column so we parted in the out-of-service for the EU and for, let's line out of service for.

The passport at the counter.
In order to dispense the immigration procedures at the transit airport, there is no need for immigration in Italy, if you entered the country in the Schengen via.

② receipt of baggage
I will head to the lane that flight was boarding is Written
If there is something incomplete, and talk to your staff to have the luggage temporary receipt]

③ customs inspection
It is all right if it passes "USCITA Ushita" the (exit) along the green line if there is nothing to declare.
Please be declared "DOGANA Dogana" in the (customs) Take the red line is the case

● Duty-free items range
Or more (including securities and traveler's checks, etc.) ten thousand euros equivalent currency declaration is required.
1L of alcoholic beverages, 22 degrees or more alcoholic drinks 2L of, 22 degrees less than liquor beer 16L, wine 4L (17 years old)
200 cigarettes, tobacco 250g (17 years old)
Up to 430 euros souvenirs. It should be noted that the (personal computer, camera, etc.) goods of € 300 or more is required declaration.

● Prohibited
Meat products and meat, milk, dairy products is prohibited


① Check-in
Make the boarding procedures at the airline counter to be used.
You will receive a temporary receipt luggage and boarding pass by presenting ticket and passport and (e ticket)

② Customs
It is in the event that you make a tax-free procedure.
If you shopping for the target (see below this page ※) refund of the IVA (value added tax), you can be a procedure in place.

③ immigration
Let's present the boarding pass and passport at the gate.

④ security check
I will check the body and baggage inspection. You have summarized the baggage by removing the metals.
Please note that does not bring in, such as liquid such as with Japan

⑤ boarding
Let's head to the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure.

Refund of the IVA (value added tax)

Value-added tax of 4 ~ 20% (IVA) has been hanging for most products in Italy.
If you purchased more than 155 euros in the same store, which has been moved to outside the EU will be able to receive a refund.

☆ subject conditions
• If you shopping for € 155 or more in store duty-free designation of "Tax-Free Shopping" display
· The product that unopened, unused.
And purchase products for the purpose of personal use
※ minimum amount of exempt depends on the shop
※ intended to stay for more than a year in the EU is excluded