Transportation in Rome

There are metro, tram, bus, and taxi transportation in Rome. Because there is a station on the main attractions near subway, it would be convenient for sightseeing.


Rome subway (Italy: Met.Ro. Metropolitana di Roma SpA) is the subway of Rome, Italy. Abbreviation is also operates regional routes railway company ATAC to read in the Metro "Met.Ro.", has operated.

Currently two lines A and B line service, route the two will intersect at Termini station.

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how to get into Metro

● (bus, tram, subway common) Price of ticket

75 minutes ride from the all-you-can-engraved: one ticket (BIT)] € 1. However subway (can because there is no ticket gates ※ transfer) one-time also in time

Ticket that can be used five times: 5 euros [(5BIT) 5 times ticket]. The price does not change once ticket.

Bus, tram, subway ride unlimited up to 24 o'clock in the engraved date: [one-day pass (BIG)] € 4

Bus, tram, subway ride unlimited until 24 o'clock the third day from the date stamp: [three-day pass (BTI)] € 11

Bus, tram, subway ride unlimited up to 24, 7 days after the stamped date: 1 week ticket (CIS)] € 16

● Ride method
I will buy a ticket ①
Tickets can be purchased or subway (shops, such as convenience stores of Italy) Tabakki. 's Also automatic ticket vending machine, but in some cases, they can Otsuri is not out or broken, those who avoided if possible would be good.

I pass through the entrance gate ②
I pass it through to the ticket wicket as Japan.
There are two types of ticket, include the method of wicket door opens automatically after passing through a ticket to that of the lever type. Those of the lever type is all right if advanced by pressing after passing through a ticket.

By the way, you do not need to pass a ticket again when exiting the ticket gate. You take your time and read only when entering.

● There are a lot of that there are pickpockets at the station. We will act so as not to be seen as it is tourists as much as possible, please be careful to valuables.
● fine in poor ticket is 50 euros. Please note that there often is a check ride in a bus.

Tram and bus

It is a means of transportation which is useful if used runs along every corner of Rome. It is convenient because it does not have traffic jams tram. In common with the bus tram and subway, ticket, please refer to the "Ride method of underground" above rates.

how to get into Tram

Check whether full stop at stop of purpose at the car stop. Let's through a ticket to the embossing machine after the ride. Inform by pressing the buzzer when to get off.

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how to get into bus

① Buy a ticket

② I look for the bus stop
Way through the route, so are listed on the sign, make sure the bus you ride against the destination of their own, get off the station.
By the way, because there is a transfer guide in the WEB, It is also useful to check in there.

③ ride and get off
There are three places to the bus door. Let's ride from either before or after the center because it is getting off for.
I pass it through to the ticket stamping machine after the ride. Let's news by pressing the buzzer on the occasion of the latter.

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110 OPEN Stop & Go bus

an open double-decker bus ride of all-you-can-day with € 20 usually. Get on and off as well and free (reservation is not needed). ♪ It is convenient for sightseeing in Japanese audio guided

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110 OPEN Stop & how to get into bus

● How to buy tickets
Available WEB, bath, box office before Termini Station, the Colosseum ticket office before, at the shop of the city.
There is also a discount depending on the time and that's WEB.

Valid for 24 hours: the 1st pass Stop & Go] 20 euros. 5 years old and younger are free
Valid for 24 hours: Stop & Go discount tickets] 15 euros. 6-12 when, 65 years of age or older, Rome Pass Card holders and season ticket
Valid for 48 hours only: 110open + archeobus] 30 euros. 5 years old and younger are free
Valid for 48 hours only: 110open + archeobus discount tickets] 20 euros. 6-12 when, 65 years of age or older, Rome Pass Card holders and season ticket

● Basic information
[Required] time approximately 2 hours
30 -20 minutes at 30 minutes [08] scheduled times at
[Tour] bus every 15 minutes


Let's ride to the regular taxi. How to ride and how to park is the same as Japan. Rates are highly configurable size at night, Sunday and holidays, luggage, depending on the number, but it is unlikely that it takes 20 euros or more if the city.

※ city - there, please refer to "access to the city from the airport" because the pricing will vary also between airport.

, Please pay attention to the white Taku. You may not operate the meter on purpose, be charged a high amount of money. Let's put a claim in case of bad claims.

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