Service charge because it contains most of the restaurants and hotels, you do not need to necessarily pay. Such as when I had a good service, it is a good idea if you pass on any.


Most Included in food price. 7-15% C. by the rank of the shop.


It will suffice 1 ~ € 5 € for room service and porter.


It is 10% of the fee basically, you do not need most. So you should I pay the amount shown on the meter. However, note the white Taku in large cities. Make sure the meter is either running from zero in advance, and be careful to account Otsuri of the amount paid on the occasion of payment.


(Tax) 22% IVA tax is will take most things in Italy. The residents of the EU other than, if you shop for € 154.94 or more per 1 store, if the procedure of duty-free, tax minus the fee will be refunded. It should be noted that the consumption tax will not be applied in San Marino.

Stay tax

Stay of hotel tax will be applied in the city of more than 2011. Tax will vary depending on the rank of the hotel, is a 5-degree € 1 ~ € approximately. It is common to pay directly to the hotel in cash upon check-out.