Tip and manners in China


○ about the name
The name of the Chinese is the order of last name, name the same as Japan. Do not have any problem with the honorific full name when you call. This is not a rude even for older people. You can also be referred to as "last name" + in the "Title" in the company relationship. In addition, there may also use "teacher (man)" and "Xiaojie / F fighters (female)" for in public, but honorific is common basically.

○ meal
It has been with the manners and is to leave a little food in China. It's going to eat all the food as we could eat, because so that would crush the face of the person behave. What is left is all right brought back. It is also the intention that was so delicious cuisine.

○ tut-tut
It used to be when irritated in Japan, but is also used to, such as when the surprise and excitement, to praise also to other in China.

It should be noted

○ gift to Avoid
Luck has been bad hated because it is the same pronunciation as "final" in the sense of clock in Chinese is "bell". Also, let's even available in your celebration, etc. Because it is odd also not good. Two is pleased than one if liquor.

○ Smoking
Let's smoke in designated smoking areas in airports and tourist destinations. You may be fined when it is non smoking area.


There is no custom of tipping in China basically. However, it is pleased to be passed as a feeling, for example, when I had heard something unreasonable.