Visa and passport


○ stay within (including the date of entry) on the 15th
○ tourism purpose
You do not need a visa as long. You will need a visa if you want to work and possession objective study, such as coverage, the official passport.

Required documents

prepare the immigration card. Also, do not forget to customs declaration, if necessary!


Passport control

①Passport control
After arriving in China, first I will receive immigration.
You continue following the instructions on the [Nyusakai]

It presents the immigration card that was filled out in flight and passport at the counter

② receipt of baggage
You will head to the lane that flight was boarding is Written
If there is something incomplete, and talk to your staff to have the luggage temporary receipt]

③ customs inspection
It is all right if you pass through the "Nothing Declair" along the line of green if there is nothing to report.
Please be declared in "Declair" Take the red line is the case

Passport control

① Check-in
Make the boarding procedures at the airline counter to be used.
You will receive a temporary receipt luggage and boarding pass by presenting ticket and passport and (e ticket)

② Customs
You will use if you need to return.

③ immigration
Let's present the boarding pass and passport at the gate. I pass by this place leave the completed card. I is put to immigration lobby card.

④ security check
You will check the body and baggage inspection. You have summarized the baggage by removing the metals.
Please note that does not bring in, such as liquid such as with Japan

⑤ boarding
Let's head to the boarding gate.

Duty-free range limit goods


■ Drinking: Alcoholic beverages of 1.5 liters or less (12 degrees or more)
■ Tobacco: 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, up to 500g shredded tobacco
■ consumer electronics: each one camera, radio, video, word processor, etc.
■ goods: goods of 2000 yuan less than the total amount <residents outside China> acquired in China
5000 yuan of goods within the total obtained abroad <residents of China>
■ Currency: is allowed to bring (or equivalent) 20,000 yuan or 5,000 U.S. dollars.

Carry-limit goods

■ books and magazines: up to 10 books once one
■ music and video software, such as DVD and CD: up to 20 sheets once a person
■ books such as the complete works series thing: once to three sets one
■ music and video software set thing: once to three sets one