Traffic in Shanghai

There are subway, bus, taxi, and rail transportation around the city.


Until 22:30 in the evening at 5:30 in the morning roughly, the rate is very reasonable and 3-15 yuan is scheduled times. As of May 2014, 12 line of Route 16 Route 1-4, and 7-13 Line has been operated as a mesh of the city. It is recommended to the surrounding city, but please note rush so crowded.

■ fare: 3-15 yuan
■ Children Rate: 1 child free, rides up to 2 people per one adult (adult rate any more) Height 130cm below
■ Hours: 05:30 to 22:30, please check the official website concerning the detailed time roughly

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Ride method of underground

Ticket of China is a card that is made ​​of plastic. Ride method is not so change much with Japan, how to ride is easy.

● Ride method
① Buy a ticket
It operates with ticket vending machines in the liquid crystal panel. Select the route of destination, please press the station you want to get off. It is also available for purchase at the counter.

② ticket gate (departure)
There is a baggage inspection in front, but all right past as if it is not a big backpack or suitcase. Proceed by turning the bar to place your card in the ticket gate.

③ ticket gate (arrival)
Let's put the card because there is a charging port to the ticket gate. I'm touching the case of the Shanghai public transportation card.

Shanghai public transportation card with (Shanghai public transport) is?

This is the IC card PASMO of Japan, Suica, such as Manaka. The tea can ride in deals When used, such as public transport. It is recommended easy even for beginners.

● If you use
①Fare is 1 Motohiki If you do (or vice versa) change of buses and bus, transfer of bus and subway within 2 hours
②The discount at the time of transit of Zhangjiang track and train line 2 Shanghai Metro
③ In the linear motor car: 2 fare discount (50 yuan → 40 RMB)
④Fare is applied through Shanghai fire station vehicles, such as Hongkou stadium foot station, also at the station to be a ticket out of transfer ※ 1

※ At the time of of May 1 2014, through freight Shanghai library station between'm Changshu Road Station has not been realized

● where you can use
Of public transport in Shanghai, in addition to bus, trolley bus, Shanghai subway, ferry, taxi, Shanghai Transrapid, Zhangjiang orbit train, highway, ticket center of the center distributed gas station, Shanghai travel, and sightseeing tunnel Bund

● How to Buy
It is available for purchase at automatic ticket vending machines ※ counter or the subway. There are commemorative card and standard card, also Forget the watch shaped as a kind of a recommendation to travelers is the standard card. You can receive return if the only kind of place, it is no longer used, the refund.
Deposit at the time of purchase is 30 yuan. It's important to charge by the amount you need, when you buy. As a precaution, please always got a receipt.

※ selling at 50 yuan per ticket vending machines in the subway

● I want to charge money to the card
It is available in convenience stores or stations of the subway. Payment unit until 1000 yuan highest 10 yuan 10 yuan or more units.

● I am the card will be returned to the factory
Can you return the remaining amount (30 RMB) deposit if returned. Fee of 10% will take the case of a refund the balance is more than 10 yuan.

● return location
It does not mean in the subway stations can all be returned. There are various places is not without at all to say that. It is a window of recommended is the Zhongshan Park Station convenient. May be available in limited quantities in the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport. With regard to other locations, please check the link.

● Notes
Card is valid for two years from the date that you last used, you will not be able to use as long as at the window procedure is not (free) time limit has expired.


The type of bus which runs Shanghai, there is a normal bus, bus air conditioning, and double-decker bus. Routes covering every corner of the city boasts many stocks more than 500. Number has been rejected buses each destination, series 300 is a night bus which is operated from midnight to early morning. There is also a bus suburban. The name of the bus stop where the bus number and bus that stops to stop is written down in the guidance of the bus stop. Let's check in and nets beforehand because there is no route map. Number is more convenient, but it is hard to use and that is likely to be affected by the congestion, that there is no locality.

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Taxi is convenient to move. It is easily transmitted when you prepare a memo wrote the destination if you do not know the Chinese. To avoid trouble, let's ride to the taxi company's major as much as possible. You can be determined by the color of the car body taxi company in Shanghai.

● The main taxi company
Of the light blue of the most seen in the city it is "public" taxi. Here recommend good service most. In addition, there are yellow "strong students", white "Jinjiang", green or yellow "Tomoe-shi", the bright blue and "Umi-haku" is the vehicle body.
Those of russet Many individuals taxi body, you might hygiene in the car is not in good condition. Let's to ride to those of the taxi company of the above as much as possible.
White unauthorized appears at the time of the events of the events and events. That it may be chestnut offs, please take care.

● How to Ride
Sign of the company is attached to the top of the body, lamp "empty" and comes with a letter of green in the case of empty. Makes parked By way of Japan same hand. Shanghai because it is right-hand traffic in the opposite and Japan, let's ride from the right side. To be sure may have to operate the meter properly when riding.

● Payment
You can pay in Shanghai transportation card or cash. Let's receive a receipt whenever it paid for. It is required.

■ Rates: (midnight charge 23:00 to 5:00) 14 yuan - basic fare ※ Tip is basically unnecessary

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Railway Kyoto-speed railway, intercity rail, such as passenger dedicated lines fly to Shanghai Hongqiao station located on the west side of the rainbow bridge sky country, and it is with large terminal station of China high-speed rail in Shanghai district . You can ticket vending machine or ticket window to buy in Shanghai Hongqiao station, but the alien is the handling of window. There is also a sleeper train. Let's careful to valuables.

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