Plug and voltage

Voltage of China 220V, frequency is 50Hz.
C, there are seven types, including the O-type, plug that is used in the field depends on the location.
If you want to use in China appliances for Japan, you must have the plug adapter and transformer. (Such as those corresponding 220V Some can be used only with a plug adapter)


Like Japan, the Internet has been widely used. Sometimes the line is a little heavy Internet cafes Hotels, depending on the cafe, place, but you'll be able to enjoy the net close to free wifi spot, it has increased. There is free wifi to Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport in Shanghai. It is available by acquiring the password in identification such as passport or mobile phone SMS, to enter it. You can use as no different from Japan net basically, there is a regulation (such as facebook) part, (impossible control is applied possible, in a hotel if VPN via overseas) You are currently browsing the impossible .

internet cafe

There is of course also Internet cafes. For example, you can enjoy the net 10 yuan to 20 yuan payment, in about three yuan an hour a deposit at the start's Shanghai. Is all well and good, but very reasonable, please warn the person that I do not like dim little, because not a few people who smoke. That there is no partition is often store.