Climate of Shanghai

Shanghai belongs to the subtropical climate. It is a region that has four seasons clearly like Japan. It is not much different from Tokyo climate, rainy season also visited in early July from the middle of June. Spring of Shanghai beautiful flowers bloom, you will feel hot and humid because of high humidity in the summer. It is easy to spend the weather is stable and in the fall, but, please note the typhoon in September. Wind is felt strongly chilly winter.

Temperature and precipitation in Shanghai

The highest temperature °C 19.226.429.532.234.936.840.640.836.732.226.520.340.8
The average temperature°C
The lowest temperature °C
Rainfall mm 50.656.898.889.3102.3169.6156.3157.9137.362.546.237.11,164.5
days of rainfall9.710.313.912.712.114.412.011.311.
humid %75747676768282817875747376.8
The average sunshine123.0115.7126.0156.1173.5147.6217.8220.8158.9160.8146.6147.71,894.5

Four Seasons Shanghai


Like "Spring of Jiangnan" is a beautiful time, especially Shanghai. It may be said that it is the season when flowers of many flowering, also suitable for tourism. However, do not forget the rain gear rain because there are many. Because you may want to Dari suddenly gets cold, let's prepare and coat.

Photo: by teresachin2007


Enters the rainy season to early July from mid-June, a sudden shower will also be many. Of summer rainy season is finally opened. You feel hot and humid because of the high humidity. The air conditioning has worked well in the shops and restaurants in the opposite, it is useful to have a light sweater.

Photo: by Jonathan Kos-Read


Typhoon season in Shanghai from August to September. Rain gear is still need heavy rain. Temperature difference during the day because of their high autumn, clothes that can be adjusted is recommended. Autumn is also the season of Shanghai crab. Please enjoy

Photo: by Kentaro IEMOTO @ Tokyo


As well as summer, cold in the winter is harsh Shanghai. Measures against cold is firmly it will be cold in earnest from around December. Snow and get off, but it does not have to pile up too much. Bring lip balm is recommended for wind to dry strongly.

Photo: by Sharon Hahn Darlin