VAT(value added tax)

To benefit from a VAT (valued added tax) refund, the unitary purchase price inclusive of tax from any single store must be at least 175€. At the time of purchase the salesman can either refund VAT immediately, either collect the tax directly and wait for the reception of the stamped “export sales invoice” from Customs to be refunded at the departure airport. In both cases, an “export sales invoice” (“Bordereau de Vente” in French) will be given to you. Look for shops with a duty free stickers in their windows. It is very convenient and possible to refund the tax directly into your bank account only if you pay the articles with credit cards.

Since 2007, travelers carrying more than the equivalent of 10,000€ in cash or traveler’s checks into or out of the EU must declare the funds with customs officials, as part of anti-terrorism and money laundering controls.


In Monaco, service is included in the bills restaurants and bars. If service is exceptional, a 10-15 percent tip is appropriate.

Porters and Valets

Porters and Valets should be tipped 1-2 euros per bag.

Taxi drivers

To the taxi drivers, they are all self employed, so the price of the ride goes straight into their pockets. No need to tip them.