Exciting and spectacular Formula One car race in the streets of the Principality

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most exciting and prestigious Formula One races in the world. The Grand Prix has a lengthy and interesting history starting with its beginning in 1929 when it was organized by Anthony Noghes and under the auspices of the Automobile Club of Monaco.
The Grand Prix of Monaco is held in May every year. Different from the other cities where hold this race, the racing cars go around in the streets of the Principality. The circuit consists of the almost impossibly tight turns and narrow streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine much of which is directly next to the beautiful bay. The winning driver will have safely and successfully completed the approximately 2.1 mile circuit, 78 times or laps for a total of approximately 162 miles. So these for 3days (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), we can't help watching, at least, hearing heavy sounds all over.
The Grand Prix will be held this year (2014) from May 22 to May 25th. The Historic Grand Prix featuring vintage racing machines will be held earlier than the one above from May 9 to May 11, 2014. A quick search of the net showed lots of package deals, some of which include everything from tickets, accommodations to airfare and other events. For a specutator who wants to watch it far from the engine noise, you can rent a fabulous yacht in the harbor!
Without a package, tickets are available online from the Automobile Club of Monaco or can even be purchased from booths near the circuit. Tickets range from 75€ to more than 500€ depending on viewing location and the dates. It's also available the reduced ticket for children.

For more detailed information: http://www.grand-prix-monaco.com/formula1monaco/tickets-tribunes/